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This is it.  The awkward first post.  It is where, despite the big plans and commitment to starting and maintaining a blog on something that is really motivating, you are actually left feeling horribly exposed and with significantly less to say.  To make matters worse, you start to picture all those blogs that you have taken inspiration from; the ones with hundreds of posts over a period of a good few years.  To be frank, they leave your first post looking very alone and the whole page sparse.  So, how do you start a blog like this? Maybe with a bold statement of who you are or what you want to achieve?  Perhaps a more subtle thrust straight into the content and subject matter you are interested in sharing?  Possibly.  The alternative that I have gone for is obviously slightly different.  I have gone for a little self deprecating humour.  How British of me.

My name is Ian Gavin, and as well as being a teacher of Sports, Exercise and Health Science in the IB Diploma programme, I am also a Vice Principal at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL), Sweden where I am responsible for the International Section of the School where we run the IB MYP and DP curricula.  As well as having a real interest in trans-disciplinary learning and educational leadership in a global context, I have started this blog because as well as liking the sound of my own voice, I am really interested in posting and sharing ideas with other IB SEHS teachers, or any other teachers who are working with Sport, PE and Exercise Science at an academic level.  The primary focus will be the IB SEHS course, hence the name of the blog, but I will also indulge myself discussing anything else sports related.

Finally, before I check out and try to start to write something that you actually might be interested in (and is useful), I want to point you all in the direction of the contact me page.  In my mind, the whole point of this blog is to encourage some interaction and to engage with like minded educators, or anyone with an interest in education and throw ideas around in the air.  Please feel free to comment on my posts, the static pages or anything else that grabs your attention, otherwise I will just think that I am talking to myself.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Teaching SEHS

  1. A good start from a conscientious and enthusiastic young Mr Gavin. The essence of communication cannot be underestimated and for us to fully understand and evolve with the ever-changing face of education it is essential. The government, exam boards and the shifting face of society – climate and culture sees us having to really join together to be part of an international school-led system for progression, not a dictated system. Enjoy the journey, many need convincing for they are waiting for it to happen rather than grabbing hold of the opportunity and making the difference.

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